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Dog being bathed

Bath, Brush & Blow Dry

This is a great way to keep your dog’s coat fresh in between grooms. This includes a bath, thorough brushing and blow dry, ensuring that your dog will leave the salon fluffy and clean.

Dog having ears cleaned

Ear Plucking & Cleaning

It is important that your dog’s ears are healthy and here at Elite Dog Groomers their ears will be inspected during the initial pre-groom health check.

Dof having its pads trimmed

Pad Trimming

Keeping the fur trimmed between your dog’s paw pads not only helps give you a good view of any potential injuries your dog may have, but also gives your dog less fur to chew on when he licks his paws.

Dog having nails trimmed

Puppy Grooms

Here at Elite Dog Groomers we recognise how important it is to introduce a puppy to the grooming process as soon as possible. That is why we offer a complimentary puppy wash and fluff dry for all puppies under the age of 5 months. This session will last approximately an hour and will consist of a lot of play and familiarisation.

Dog being groomed

Full Breed-Standard Grooms

This is the complete pamper package! Your dog will be bathed, brushed and blow dried with our professional products and equipment. Ears are plucked if needed, nails cut, pads and sanitary areas trimmed and coat clipped and hand scissored to the client’s preference.

Dog with brush in its mouth


Hand stripping is a technique performed in order to maintain the proper coat texture of many harsh, broken and flat haired breeds. The stripping technique consists of removing the mature layer of fur in order for the shorter layer to be free to grow. Hand stripping promotes new hair growth and maintains the natural colour tone and texture of the fur.